How to Remove a Mole with Wart Remover

Removing moles can be a time consuming and expensive task. Moles are best removed by your doctor but the procedure is not always covered by insurance. Unlike warts, removing moles with simple over-the-counter products is not always successful and can be complicated by pain and infection. The difference? Warts live on the skin, while moles have a “root” which needs to be removed as well.

As tempting as it may seem, you cannot successfully remove a mole using something such as Compound W, which is an inexpensive wart remover. People who have tried this have experienced pain, burning, and a whitish appearance to their mole, without any real “removal.” Scarring and infection is much more likely in this case than mole removal.To remove a mole using a product useful for both moles and warts you need to spend a little more.

When you do a search on-line you’ll find plenty of “miracle” products, but save yourself some time and frustration and use this tested product with good results.

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