How to Remove Moles With Duct Tape

Mole is the common name for the skin lesion containing nevus cells known as a melanoctyic nevus. Removal of moles is common due to the possibility of skin irritation or unsightliness, moles can sometimes be cancerous as well. Moles can be removed by surgically removing the mole or freezing or burning the mole off but a simple remedy for removing moles exists with duct tape.


1. Wash the mole with soap and water. Allow it to dry completely.
2. Cut a piece of duct tape large enough to cover the mole completely. The diameter should be    slightly larger than that of the mole so that it adheres properly to the skin. Cover the mole with the tape.
3. Leave the duct tape on the mole for five to six days being careful not to get it wet.
4. After five to six days, carefully remove the tape. The mole should peel off with the duct tape if everything worked properly.
5. If the mole did not peel off, repeat steps 1 through 4 again.


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