Must read The Worrywart’s Companion: Twenty-One Ways to Soothe Yourself and Worry Smart you have to understand.

Worry smarter and reclaim the joy in your life

Do you lie awake at night agonizing over things that could happen? Do you automatically expect the worst? Have you worried obsessively about things only to have everything turn out okay? Instead of worrying yourself sick, let the The Worrywart’s Companion show you how to worry smart and soothe yourself so that you can think more clearly, deal with the worry at hand, and then let it go.

Try these simple ideas and start worrying smarter right now: Talk to yourself the way a friend would • Take a warm bath • Practice “underreacting” • Imagine a happy ending • Do a good deed • Watch a funny movie

With these tips and many more, you will be able to release yourself from worry and learn to enjoy every moment–no matter where your life takes you.