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Must read Color Pictures of Skin, Hair and Nail Diseases: Dermatology Atlas you must to learn.

Color Pictures of Skin, Hair, and Nail Diseases is filled with photographic images of numerous dermatological conditions to help you identify, diagnose, and treat them.

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Should read Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Sexually Transmitted Diseases you should know.

— An invaluable tool for differential diagnosis of STDs– Features one to two color photos for each disorder along with salient points of epidemiology, clinical signs, physical exam, diagnosis, and management– Coverage of therapy is expanded in this edition– Provides new photographs for HIV, AIDS, opportunistic infections, and much more

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The most of Color Atlas and Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology: Second Edition you have to understand.

Instantly and accurately diagnose and treat the full range of pediatric skin problems

“The focus on quick recognition of pediatric dermatologic conditions and pediatric illnesses makes this atlas an asset in the office. The ease of reference is fantastic. This will replace the dermatology reference I currently use. 3 Stars.”–Doody’s Review Service

Modeled after Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, the world’s most widely-used dermatologic reference, this point-of-care atlas provides large, detailed, full-color photographs of skin diseases in children along with the latest management and treatment recommendations. You’ll find everything you need to confidently assess, diagnose, and manage diseases of the skin, hair, and nails of pediatric patients in a busy clinical environment.

Each illness or disorder features a logical easy-to-read presentation that includes:

  • Epidemiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • History
  • Physical Examination
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Laboratory Evaluation
  • Course and Prognosis
  • Treatment and Prevention/Management (with approved pediatric dosages)
  • One or two full-color photographs

Featuring more than 350 clear, crisp full-color photographs and coverage that spans everything from disorders of blood and lymph vessels to cutaneous bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, Color Atlas & Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology is the fastest and most reliable way to confirm your next pediatric diagnosis.

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Should read Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology you should know.

“Should serve as a standard against which all future atlases will be measured.”–New England Journal of Medicine, on a previous edition. This trusted, best selling color atlas presents a wide array of skin conditions, from the most common to life-threatening melanoma and HIV/AIDS. Retains its easy-to-use format that depicts each disease entity, then thoroughly describes the disorder with a brief overview: epidemiology and etiology; history; physical exam; differential diagnosis; laboratory findings; diagnosis; and management. Now features dozens of new and improved illustrations, current management strategies, an updated two-color design, and case reports where appropriate. Unsurpassed for its low price, extensive use of superb color illustrations, and ease of use by health care professionals at all levels.

Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, Fourth Edition
Portions of the Index have incorrect page numbers. A corrected copy of the entire index may be found under “Healthcare & Medicine” at: http://www.books.mcgraw-hill.com/downloads.html or by calling (800) 221-2956, and selecting prompt #3.
The publisher regrets any inconvenience this error may cause.

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Something of Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology you should know.

“…should serve as a standard against which all future atlases will be measured…”* .
New England Journal of Medicine, review of third edition.

. �…an excellent resource for all health care providers…”.
Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, review of third edition.

. The best selling dermatology atlas in the medical market place!

This unique combination of text, clinical reference, and color atlas features the best quality and most varied photographs of skin conditions important to any health care professional. Features consistent 2-page disease coverage format with description on left and photos on the right.


*MORE photographs � more than 100 new illustrations, many focusing on conditions affecting people of color.
*MORE user friendly � color tabbing system for quick retrieval .
*NEW list of related web sites for physicians and patients at the end of diseases.
*NEW full-color schematic drawings of pathogenesis added to each section.
*NEW section on Bioterrorism.

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Something of Dark Skin Dermatology Color Atlas: Clinical Dermatology (Volume 1) you have to learn.

Dark Skin Dermatology Color Atlas is filled with clear explanations and color photos of skin, hair, and nail diseases affecting people with skin of color or Fitzpatrick skin types IV, V, and VI. Dermatological conditions covered in this book include but are not limited to Acne Vulgaris, Alopecia Areata, Anal Warts, Angioedema, Aphthous Ulcers, Atopic Dermatitis, Blastomycosis, Blister Beetle Dermatitis or Nairobi Fly Dermatitis, Cellulitis, Chronic Ulcers, Confetti Hypopigmentation, Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma, Cutaneous Tuberculosis, Dermatitis Artefacta, Erythema Nodosum, Exfoliative Erythroderma, Gianotti Crosti Syndrome, Hand Dermatitis, Hemangioma, Herpes Zoster, Ichthyosis, Ingrown Toenails, Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Kaposi Sarcoma, Keloids, Keratoderma Blenorrhagica, Klippel Trenaunay Weber Syndrome, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, Leukonychia, Lichen Nitidus, Lichen Planus, Lichenoid Drug Eruption, Linear Epidermal Nevus, Linear IgA Dermatosis (LAD), Lipodermatosclerosis, Lymphangioma Circumscriptum, Miliaria, Molluscum Contagiosum, Neurofibromatosis, Nickel Dermatitis or Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Onychomadesis, Onychomycosis, Palmoplantar Eccrine Hidradenitis, Papular Pruritic Eruption (PPE), Paronychia, Pellagra, Pemphigus Foliaceous, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Piebaldism, Pityriasis Rosea, Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris, Plantar Hyperkeratosis, Plantar Warts, Poikiloderma, Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation, Post Topical Steroids Hypopigmentation, Psoriasis, Pyogenic Granuloma or Lobular Capillary Hemangioma, Scabies, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), Sunburn, Systemic Sclerosis, Tinea Capitis, Tinea Pedis, Tinea Versicolor, Traction Alopecia, Urticaria, Vasculitis, Vitiligo, Xanthelasma.

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