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Must read Color Pictures of Skin, Hair and Nail Diseases: Dermatology Atlas you must to learn.

Color Pictures of Skin, Hair, and Nail Diseases is filled with photographic images of numerous dermatological conditions to help you identify, diagnose, and treat them.

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My Recommend of Saving Face: A Dermatologist’s Guide to Maintaining Healthier and Younger Looking Skin you have to learn.

Saving Face: A handy medically-based guide for separating fact from fancy in facial skin and hair care. Learn what you can do for yourself by discovering the keys to adequate skin protection, proper cleansing, appropriate moisturization and smart makeup selection. Also learn what your doctor can do for you, empowering you to make more informed choices, participate more fully in your own treatment and get more for your skin health care dollar.

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Interesting Common Skin Diseases in Children: Diagnosis and Management you have to read.

A thorough presentation of the most common skin diseases of children. Each chapter gives the differential diagnostic possibilities in a table. Treatment is shown in considerable detail, reflecting the current literature as well as clinical experience. The scientific names of all recommended medications are given so that the book can be used by readers around the globe. Tips are included for the treating physician on how to best tailor the various therapy regimens and anticipate the course of the disease. Recent advances in dermatologic therapy are included. The appendix contains detailed practical information.

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The story of Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (Habif)) you have to learn.

Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Thomas P. Habif, James L. Campbell, Jr., M. Shane Chapman, James G. H. Dinulos, and Kathryn A. Zug, is the quick and practical clinical reference you need to help you effectively diagnose and treat 250 common dermatologic diseases. You’ll find succinct, user-friendly chapters arranged by disorder type, updated treatment plans, and hundreds of new images showing diseases in various stages of manifestation, including detailed information and illustrations on tropical dermatology. Perfect for any medical practitioner who’d rather treat than refer patients with skin disease, this full-color resource will also serve you well when prepping for the boards.

  • Gain reliable, practical, and efficient guidance regarding the diagnoses and treatment of the most common 250 dermatologic disorders, along with clinical tips presented by the experts.
  • Accurately identify skin conditions in children with discussions of how they manifest differently than in adults.
  • Quickly access the answers you need with the dermatologic drug formulary, a “differential diagnosis by anatomical region and lesion” guide, and the disorders index.
  • Prescribe effective dermatologic treatment based on the practical diagnostic advice of Dr. Habif and fellow contributors who offer anterior and posterior diagrams of where diseases may be found on the body, classification of primary, secondary, and special lesions, pediatric considerations, clinical pearls to guide decision making, and more.
  • Get and give the most up-to-date therapeutic advice available as every section in the book is revised with current treatment plans.
  • Be prepared for travel-related skin diseases with new, richly illustrated coverage on tropical dermatology.
  • See how skin disorders present at different stages with hundreds of new and often never-before-published images.

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The most of How to Remove Warts, Moles and Skin Tags: Your Comprehensive Guide to Safe and Effective Removal Methods you have to learn.

At last. No more hype, no more false hope, just honest-to-goodness real help. “How to Remove Warts, Moles and Skin Tags” examines all the different removal methods available — medical, drugstore OTC, as well as dozens of safe and effective natural, herbal and home remedies — so you can choose the best method doe you from all the options.

You’ll learn the pros and cons of the various methods and even what you need to know about using duct tape — is it urban legend or does it really work?

Here’s frank, reliable, complete and thorough coverage that will be of use to the whole family for years to come.

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Should read Skin Infections: Diagnosis and Treatment you have to learn.

This is the first textbook linking the two disciplines of dermatology and infectious diseases. As the number of elderly, AIDS, transplant, and cancer surviving patients continues to rapidly increase worldwide, all medical personnel need to be able to rapidly recognize and treat infections. The skin is the most easily accessed and monitored of all organs and is often the first sign of infection. Knowledge of the integument’s link to infection is a must for the modern medical nurse, nurse practitioner, medical student, resident, and practitioner. To accomplish these goals, the text features authors from around the world who are considered experts in their various fields of expertise. The book is organized into types of infections, locations in the integument, and specific subpopulations of patients at risk and regional variations of infections.

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The interrested of Skin Disease CD-ROM PDA Software: Diagnosis and Treatment you have to read.

Now, users can access content from Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition right from their handheld device. This software offers a fast and easy way to tap into essential diagnostic and therapeutic information for more than 100 commonly encountered skin disorders. Simple to install and easy to use, it features practical, clear advice on diagnosis and therapy and includes anterior and posterior diagrams of where diseases may be found on the body as well as classifications of primary, secondary, and special lesions. Plus, over 200 full-color never-before published photographs show the classic manifestations of disease and rarer variations.

  • Features over 200 full-color photographs-never-before published.
  • Weighs the importance of diseases and explains when to treat and how quickly.
  • Provides coverage of pediatric skin diseases throughout.
  • Highlights when to refer patients to a specialist and when urgent action is required.
  • Includes European drug names.
  • Focuses on treatment and diagnosis of common entities, offering guidance on everyday cases.
  • Provides helpful appendices that cover diagnosis by body region · lesion classification · and quantity of cream to apply and dispense.

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